Saturday, August 29, 2009

Caution Children Playing

Today I figured I would run over to Universal and see how long I would have to wait to ride the new coaster, Rip Ride Rockit. They are still working out the kinks because when I got over to the entrance, they had just reopened after being shutdown for some reason. Last weekend when I was there the wait was 150 minutes...I waited less than 40. Outside of the 90 degree climb for the first hill, the ride has the feel of a wooden coaster, with lots of "air time". My only complaint is that it is pretty bumpy, and bumpy coasters give me a headache.

While I was at the park I wanted to try to get some action shots, but pretty soon after I rode, it was shut down again. While I was waiting for things to get rolling again, I wandered around and looked for other stuff to shoot. I think I managed to get a few decent pictures.

Caution Children Playing

Oh...and don't worry, there will be more Lego pics...


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