Sunday, May 29, 2016

Getting social...

It has been a minute or two since I posted anything here. Mostly because I am super lazy, but today I worked out a few things so that I can start posting stuff with a minimal amount of effort.

Even though I haven't been posting here I have still been taking pictures, but for the most part I am using my phone to take the pics. Getting the pics from there to here was just something I didn't feel like dealking with.  So today I signed up for a new instagram account. I have actually had an account for a very long time, some of you are even following me there already, but having a separate account for spbdesigns will let me post things here with just a few clicks...well taps.

And that is where the second bit comes in...thanks to a handy little service called If This Then That, whenever I post something to instagram, it will also show up here. Fancy right?

So anyway I am thinking this could make it look like I am not as lazy as I really am. 

Finally figured out how to link up to Instagram.

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